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10 PASSENGER PLANE TESTED FOR MAIL ROUTE -; -; - , - -. -. .- .- v ' , -' -' LARGE; . SHIP .- .- EQUIPPEt WITH ONE OFITEST AND MQST COM-PLICATED COM-PLICATED COM-PLICATED INSTRtMENT BOARDS nasbrouck Heights, K. J., Feb. 16. (AP) Inventive genius has "supplied aviators with mechanical "bird - sense" for safety in day or night flying as part of final preparations by air "mail cohv panics to begin passenger service. 'V ! A rolling man, guides, the . pilot. when be can see the ground, but in fog or, dark; ness a plane might get lost, crash into a mountain, or fly npside down if not aided by radio and a multitnde of new- new- instruments. ." " T -'7 -'7 .'.;, ; ..! v.-"'",' v.-"'",' v.-"'",' - r r. ' .The three motored Fokker monoplane "Cilicago,.-. "Cilicago,.-. "Cilicago,.-. built here for the Colonial Air Transport,, Inc., which has the New York-Boston- York-Boston- York-Boston- York-Boston- - air -mail, -mail, contract, -is -is ... A. . . - . . r- r- . equipped witn ope or tne latest ana most complicated instrument boards, invented by Morris Titterington and Br Goldsx borough. " ' , AtUhe left of the board is a triplet eneine eauee to show fuel pressure, en gine temperature, and. oil pressure. .Next, toward the right, is a tachometer to show engine speed,' and then an" air speed in- in- dicator.. Next is a. flight Indicator, show ing level ,pllh,jinJ correct bank for a turn. ? Thia instrument" replaces the sense of equilibrium that is lost by man when he takea to .the. air. .Withont .it a TiiWt. might turn completely over' without knowing-it. knowing-it. knowing-it. knowing-it. K r''': ''": ..-.("; ..-.("; ..-.("; ',,: "Continuing to the right are the fuel gauge, altimeter, and rate-of-climb rate-of-climb rate-of-climb rate-of-climb rate-of-climb indicator.:" indicator.:" Above . is '8 magnetic ' compass uch a Commander Richard -- -- B." Byrd used, on his -north -north .pole:, flight. - All of the instruments rend vertically instead . of horizontally as. has been usuaL.;-a usuaL.;-a usuaL.;-a The "Chicago"; is' ene of our planes, vtwo Fokkers, 'and two Fords, ordered for the Boston-New Boston-New Boston-New York section of the trans-continental trans-continental trans-continental mail sefvice.. It has ten passenger chairs and two i cockpit seats. Irhaa "been'on trial herr for seT' eral weeks. , Maj. Gen. John JT. O'Ryan, president of " the company, tilaimed a seat for, the' first trip. , ,-. ,-. j - " ', Three jlder planes have flown 150,-000 150,-000 150,-000 miles between' New -.York -.York am.-Boston am.-Boston am.-Boston am.-Boston since, the route, waa s opened ,lat il uly. ' -t. -t. " - ;; .' i y.'i;; fj'r, ALLEGED ATTACKER ; OF CHILD ARRESTED . Nashville, Tcnn Feb. 16. Herman Coggins, 28, son of Lieut .W. A.' Cog-gin Cog-gin Cog-gin of the Nashville fire department was returned to Nashville early Tuesday morning from Cincinnati, where he was arrested late Monday afternoon by Motorcycle Motorcycle Offieer-- Offieer-- Offieer-- Leo Flair, and was locked ! ttp-in ttp-in ttp-in - the Davidson eeunty jail charged with a criminal assault npoB the 10-yewr-bld 10-yewr-bld 10-yewr-bld 10-yewr-bld 10-yewr-bld daughter of a prominert Nashville business man. ': - - ' Traveling more than 1,200 4 miles through five statev Motorcycle Officer Leo Flair, like the Royal Northwest mounted police "got his man."" ' Flair was deputized by 8herlff Bob'Briley to look, after, the case and bai bcen woijt-ing woijt-ing woijt-ing under the leadership of -Chief -Chief pi Police J. Wi Smith and Sheriff Briley.- Briley.- - Coggins,. at the time the crime-is crime-is crime-is alleged, alleged, to have been committed, was, employed employed at a restaurant on Tenth avenue rnear the-tinion the-tinion the-tinion station. . lie aaid that he knew nothing of tbe matter until he was Called by the mother of the child January January 28, when, according to Coggina, abe threatened to kUl him. . ' Upon receiving the call,' be declared, be went to Radnor yard "where - he boarded a freight train for Evansrllle, Ind. From Evansville he went to St. lyom's and (ben to New Athens, IU., where Nashville officers received wrd of . . ... : . - !', U J. . - ' ; - - stayed in Nevf 'Athens for a week ami a day and that rtjijring his stay there saw Marshal Steiiilipfmer every day and.thai ,the marshal, never once approached him on ..the matter. Upon leaving ' New Athena, Cogigihsstnfed that.' be ' went' back to St. Louis' artd stayed there only twelve hoiirs!':B'eforte .leaf Shg 'foidncln--1 'foidncln--1 'foidncln--1 'foidncln--1 natl, where 'le'f'Aii.rreated Vf 'Oflie)?' Flair after, a stay of ive dayai; ; .'.'i:. ; SUGGESTION OF AGE IS RpNrHTrll RY ,lTlhrR," lllULIlllil. If I j-"... j-"... j-"... 1 1 Vial I, .. j v-r'i v-r'i v-r'i ! - , ' " , , -'. -'. r NEWSPAPER MEN REFERRING TO HIS "DECUN I NO ilNO. YEARS' AROUS. . ES "TIGER" TO SPEECH : . . .- .- -. -. j.i ...u.i (.'-... -v, -v, (By '8.' F. ' Wader) i ;- ;- s-r?V- s-r?V- s-r?V- s-r?V- ' Paris,' Feb. 1G.--(AP) 1G.--(AP) 1G.--(AP) 1G.--(AP) Georges Clem-enceau,-Franci'S'-beldved Clem-enceau,-Franci'S'-beldved Clem-enceau,-Franci'S'-beldved Clem-enceau,-Franci'S'-beldved Clem-enceau,-Franci'S'-beldved Clem-enceau,-Franci'S'-beldved Clem-enceau,-Franci'S'-beldved "Tiget," "want- "want- to knqw wboi) fijaan reaches his declin-' declin-' declin-' -ing idays. v,' Eighty-six- Eighty-six- Eighty-six- Eighty-six- rears have not' given him v ghty-six ghty-six ghty-six jreifs have not' given bim the atj&werj f " , ' , 1 Thtwfrt pfemSer' broke for The Asso- Asso- cfated Ir(j?pfV(SJence which has lasted a i-since nis' petr ''letter to President Cool- Cool- idge on-.tfiewuf on-.tfiewuf on-.tfiewuf debt settlement. He declarediilieelared jhen;svthat '"the Crock-letter was t?Clst 'public utterances -'.-' -'.-' -'.-' .Th etateiejtrthat he wag retiring to feet,-a;. KotwMtfM to spenihia .rdeclin-xmt .rdeclin-xmt ing years" ,-tinrf' ,-tinrf' ,-tinrf' him into speech. - , , ,.' -.' -.' -? -? T ; ; -.v -.v V7-iM---n V7-iM---n V7-iM---n V7-iM---n V7-iM---n V7-iM---n V7-iM---n "My 'dedimhf fars. They haven t yet -pr0aclies come to my"hoti&."' ; . , i . ;; The talk -of -of jretirement to Normandy farm life was tie-first tie-first tie-first succAsfiil prac tical joke eveW tnrned against Clemen-, Clemen-, Clemen-, cean. A Parisjpaper announced that he i; would leave his .native department of The Column-Vendee for 'Normandy. The Tiger was snowed 'rindeV ith letters of protest, rc- rc- , boke-t boke-t boke-t and ..entreaty from his neighbors and admirers inf The Vendee. That their . Idol should leave, the land of bis birth ,for strange aoili was an unbearable idea. ffhe prefect of he department a mighty nnp.nn ,, iro M-an M-an M-an mora D BtutKifll liin in LHnx iu ii-nu ii-nu ii-nu it rjvr(, waa title. ' r"Whnhe rclyrned'With'thernewtrthat a joker, had1 successfully halted The Tiger Tiger there was gJcat amusement and' re lief in The Vendee. V ; ; V" ' '; -"But. -"But. the thiig I resented most," said tbe ex a pbotogra How grown considerably younger since that picture was tken. It shows me as I was when my public existence ended, so it Is all right lot historical piirpoge" That a -srtvdVrtiAi -srtvdVrtiAi waa in hirrh on nirn - He has taken en a. little flesh since the peace conference - but -is -is otherwise ap parently unchafiged... , . . ... . . v: i r -' -' v - Women eombat the severities of tbe English, winter by w-earing w-earing w-earing short sleeve i . . , i . . t i i less. j-L.ea. j-L.ea. j-L.ea. o var.,. Jt I I majestic S I -CLARKSVILLE -CLARKSVILLE ONLY I ENtlRE NEW YORK I premier handing the correspondent: ph, as the 'declining years. does a nnm know when he' hae ki. ,iai;; t 1 t. 100-CAST 100-CAST 100-CAST r: 11 Ir PARISIAN BEAUTY Price ices $1.00, $2.00, $2.50 ,.' J u t, -m, , his wberegbouta. Coggiaa stated that be,

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